Tidy Planet Energy Latest Videos

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Decentralised Energy from Waste

In line with circular economy principles and the EU requirements for new EfW Applications, we focus on maximising the recovery of energy by putting plants closer to users

Horizon+ Boiler

This video shows the revolutionary new Horizon+ boiler design. This is a huge leap forward for operators of plant, particularly where they have high ash content fuels, that would usually mean regular boiler cleaning

Decentralsied waste to energy webinar

Tidy Planet, Turboden and Sugimat partner to deliver a presentation on the benefits of decentralised waste processing and energy generation

Sugimat 2 x 25MW Boilers

The largest single site application installed recently uses two 25mw boilers build by Sugimat

Sugimat Corporate Video

Who are Sugimat - let this video explain their capabilities and experience

Turboden ORC

Turboden Explain the principles of how the ORC systems work and convert heat, into electricity

Turboden Corporate

Turboden explain the various options of capturing waste heat and converting this intp electricity using ORC